What are the specifications on dip-cards?

The dip card has a body and cap. The test name window (above the C/T) and result windows (where the C/T) can’t be changed. You may fit your logo at the place where says “Yourlogo”, both on the body and cap. You may have up to 2 colors for your design (does not include the blue and red color already used for the text and result on the template), there will be extra charge if you want to have more color on the design. Let me know what else you want to change.


Each completed dip card is package in a foil pouch then packaged in box of 25, you may also use your own design on the pouch label and box label, these labels printed in black ink. Below are the label size:

Foil pouch label: 5x6cm

Box label: 10×8.5cm

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