International Products

We also offer a variety of simple and accurate tests in the fields of infectious diseases, tumor markers, cardiac markers and woman health. The products are for international sales ONLY. Some products are CE Mark, please see the below for the detailed information. Please contact us for more information or questions.

Categories* ProductsFormatsCE Mark
*International Sales Only
Infectious DiseasesStrep A antigen TestStrip, Cassette Yes
Chlamydia antigen TestStrip, Cassette No
H. pylori antibody TestStrip, Cassette Yes
Syphilis antibody Test KitStrip, Cassette Yes
HCV antibody Test KitStrip, Cassette No
Influenza A&B Test KitStrip, Cassette Yes
Gonorrhea antibody Test KitStrip, Cassette Yes
Malaria Test KitStrip, Cassette Yes
Cardiac MarkersTroponin I Test KitCassetteYes
Tumor MarkersFaecal Occult blood (FOB) Test KitStrip, Cassette Yes
Woman HealthLH Test KitStrip, Cassette, Midstream No