Digital Solutions to Point-of-Care Testing & Beyond

Silicon Valley, September 11, 2018

UCP Biosciences, Inc. is a subsidiary of Chinese Peptide Group of Companies (CPC Group) a world’s leading innovator and manufacturer of high-tech qualitative and quantitative In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) digital devices. These devices are designed at UCP’s state of the art FDA inspected and ISO 13485 certified manufacturing facilities in Hangzhou, China. Among its top notch digital devices are a Drug of Abuse (DOA) Test Cup Reader (u-ReaderTMforensic use only) and a newly developed, soon to be released, quantitative immunofluorescence assay scanner called the Prometheus SOLOTM.

The u-ReaderTM is a completely automated device and digitized solution to drug test reporting, verification and documentation. It is engineered with cutting edge wavelength matching technology to intensify faint—hard to read—test lines. And the optical imaging technology to produce high quality digital reports providing convenient readability and non-human reliance on the judgement and subjectivity of the test results. Once a drug test is performed using u-CupTM in accordance to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) guidelines, it is placed inside the u-ReaderTM, which then automatically detects the number of drug panels, device type and scans test cup to generate digital PDF reports in just thirty seconds. The u-ReaderTM is fully equipped with on-station data storage and multiple exportation options including USB drive and PC link as .csv or .pdf formats.

Also, on the horizon, is a high-performance quantitative immunofluorescence assay scanner (Prometheus SOLOTM). This device is engineered to scan biomarker cassettes via concentration dependent fluorescence emission technology and performs a quantitative analysis using in-house proprietary calibration algorithms.

UCP Biosciences, Inc. continues to focus on emerging new technologies and innovations to design and manufacture next generation digital devices and welcomes contract manufacturing opportunities with fully customizable options, potential co-development projects and beyond.

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