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SOLO Scanner

Our quantitative immunofluorescence assay scanner “SOLO Prometheus” detects the relevant signal from biomarker cassettes via fluorescence detection and computes the results with in-house proprietary calibration algorithms.  It is designed with cutting-edge nanotechnology utilizing novel fluorescence nanoparticles, which possess virtually invincible illumination and zero crosstalk to sample matrix in signaling. Our biomarker devices are made with patented particle, surface and formulation chemistry that leads to smooth lateral flow with negligible particle residuals on the nitrocellulose membrane. This automated device provides highly sensitive, precise, and completely quantitative fast detection—within 3-12 minutes—over broad range of biomarker concentrations. Making it extremely helpful in medical decision making processes. This high performance scanner utilizes industry’s leading optics, hardware and software platforms to provide highly reliable and quantitative results. It is compatible with various biological fluids such as Serum (S), Plasma (P), and Whole Blood (WB).


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