An Economical, Accurate & Eco-friendly way to test for Drugs: Oral Testing

FALL 2018 UCP Biosciences

Over the past few decades, Point of Care (POC) urine based presumptive drug testing has been the primary choice for drug testing professionals—forensic or compliance—such as law enforcement officers, public health practitioners and toxicology Researchers. While urine testing has grown into a billion-dollar industry due to the rise of opioid epidemic, there are better, economical and environmentally friendly alternatives available such as saliva testing (J Anal Toxicol. 40(7), 2016, 479–485). The focus of this short article is to shine light on some unique yet significant advantages of oral fluid drug (OFD) testing over other regularly practiced methods such as urine. OFD testing offers significant benefits, among them 1) high sensitivity, 2) low cost, 3) noninvasive collection are the most advantageous reasons oral collection is becoming the “go-to” method for the drug testing industry.

UCP Biosciences, Inc. a leading manufacturer of POC testing devices, is committed to finding new technologies and improving on existing ones. In an effort to improving on the global economy and finding environmentally compliant solutions, UCP delivers products that meet the highest standards at the lowest cost. Presented here is the UCP’s oral collection device called “u-SalivaTM” (shown in the figure above).  u-SalivaTM is the most comprehensive Forensic Use Only (FUO) one step, oral drug testing device available. It is an excellent fit for government, law enforcement agencies and criminal justice department. In addition to the most common advantages that oral testing offers (low cost, eco-friendly) this device delivers unique features such as noninvasive and adulteration free collection. It is the only OFD testing device available on the market that offers the most comprehensive menu of drug panels including the most common Drug of Abuse (DOA)—Alcohol, Marijuana, Cocaine, and Heroin at SAMHSA recommended cut-off levels. u-SalivaTM comes with an individually wrapped sample collection stick that contains a highly adsorbent sponge for quick sample saturation, a color indicator that triggers a color change when enough sample is collected and a flat-top, push-to-seal dispenser cap to secure spill proof & an air-tight seal for clean sample storage and shipping. It is uniquely designed in two different shapes, rectangular and round, for easy photocopying and low-cost shipping. Last but not least, u-SalivaTM is an easy to use “one step” test, that is completely customizable to fit consumer’s specific needs and available with OEM and private label options.

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